Secrets Of Digital Marketing

5 Deep Secrets of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new technique of marketing for almost all businesses! Those who don’t have a website are deemed too old to stay in today’s market. With growing websites, there is a need for the right traffic to increase sales and help revenue. However, the market is quite saturated, organic traffic is not easily obtained anymore and the competition is quite stiff!

According to Jumpstart and Sparktoro, almost 49% of all searches performed in google results in no-click; that’s almost half the searches that happen in Google. The total visits produced by Organic search fell 6% year over year in Q2 of 2019- Merkle.

So, how do we drive the right traffic to websites? How do we grow as a business?

Here are our top 5 deep secrets of Digital Marketing to reach out to tech-savvy adopters and newbies:

1. Content is Money

Content is king and it will continue to rule Digital marketing. Try sharing enriching content for your audience. Good content attracts the right business and helps you engage with your audience. Make sure you create interesting blog posts, sensible podcasts, and build a following with excellent content. Make sure your content is unique and not plagiarized! Share relevant content with your followers and create a deep meaningful relationship with your audience.

2. Adopt an omnichannel approach

Don’t work only on content marketing, or paid advertising. Work on all of them and create an omnichannel approach. This makes sure your business has more visibility among the public. More visibility drives more traffic and in turn generates sales. Integrated channels work best for business.

3. Email marketing is working

It might sound very cliched but Email marketing is not dead! With the advent of newer technologies, Email was expected to die a slow death. However, that’s not the case! Email marketing is going strong and a lot of people continue to use it to grow their business. Email marketing can be used to continuously used to send out the content you are creating!

4. Learn about your customers

Customers keep you and business running. So, it is very important to know more about them. Learning more about your customers help you set up specific campaigns to grow your revenue. Try methods such as follow-ups on customer services or conduct surveys to understand your customer group. Link them back to your online data and develop deeper insights about your customer group.

5. Optimize your business to be found in local searches

It is best to optimize your business so that it can be found in local searches. Do you know 45% of local searches on Google have purchase intent? By being found in local searches, it is easier to increase your sales and revenue. 1 out of every 5 searches done on Google is location-based! So, make sure that your business can be found in local searches.


A properly used strategy ensures success as there are no fixed patterns in digital marketing. To succeed, it is essential to keep yourself up-to-date with google algorithm changes; as well as the changes that happen across all the platforms that you might use! Always plan, execute and measure your digital marketing strategy and metrics. This will give you a fair idea of what must be done!

Our list is not exhaustive. So, do you know more deep secrets of digital marketing? Feel free to share it with us! We would love to hear it from you.

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