7 Tips to improve your brand presence in market

When we say Digital Marketing, people usually think of PPC campaigns that get their website on the top page of Google search. It may be instantaneous but at the same time, this is paid and it is short term only. However, when you say Branding, it goes far and beyond these short term successes. Branding is about slow and steady rise to the top and about holding your position for years or even decades. It is a long term process that makes your business truly successful.

There are so many processes when it comes to digital marketing with very subtle differences between each other. Nevertheless, each process is different with its own advantages and disadvantages. Turning your business into a brand and improving its presence in the market is the branding process. In this post, we will look further into the process of branding through 7 easy tips to improve your brand presence in the market.

Decide on a consistent brand identity

The first step towards creating a solid brand presence for your business starts with a well-designed website and logo. Your business should have a consistent color theme, image theme, graphics, content and so on. All these factors come together to create your brand identity. What does your brand stand for? What are your brand values? What is your brand’s unique selling point? What colors best represent your products/ services? These are just a few questions to get you started with creating your brand identity.

Focus on creating awareness for your brand instead of tangible conversions

To measure the success of a business, we usually look at conversions which are more tangible and measurable. However, when we say branding, it is all about getting more and more people to know about your brand/ business. Irrespective of whether they are your potential customers or not! When someone takes the name of your business, what mind space people are put into, what do they think about instantly? That is what branding is all about.

For example – when someone says Betty Crocker, we instantly think of fluffy cakes, we think of celebrations. We are instantly put into a joyous mode. That is their Branding. This kind of awareness does not happen overnight. It takes time and proper strategy, nevertheless it is the most important step towards improving your brand presence.

Create a strong content strategy

Information is power. By providing information that is educational or problem-solving to people, you can grow your business immensely. That does not mean you type out an entire encyclopedia of random information on your website. See to it that the content is relevant to your business in one way or another. For example, on the Madmaze website you will find a lot of information about digital marketing and branding.

The content on your website may be in the form of blogs, videos or podcasts. We would say, use them all if possible. Apart from bringing in prospective customers through helpful content, it also helps improve your SEO score and rank on the top page of google search.

Be active on Social media platforms

Social media is the one thing that connects people from all over the world on one single platform! Having an active social media presence can help your brand in more ways than one. Apart from creating a dedicated following for your brand, you can also provide relevant information to help out people or educate them. This would help create an awareness for your brand on a greater level.

You could choose to be more active on one platform and lesser on another based on the type of business you run. For example, you are an online news portal, then Twitter could help you better than Instagram. You can also use Facebook ads and twitter ads to spread awareness about your brand.

Find opportunities for guest blogging on relevant blog sites

Another form of using the power of content, guest blogging on other websites and blog sites can help you reach out to a lot of readers. Research and find websites that are relevant to the products/ services you are offering. You also need to find if the website authority is high, as the website is well established and long standing.

Guest blogging is a way to show people that you can be considered as a subject matter expert in your niche. You can also use guest blogging to backlink to your website. Guest blogging is free of cost, sometimes you may have to allow for cross blogging where you can post a blog on their website and allow them to post one on your website!

Running Promotions, contests and freebies

It is in human nature to try to spend at least a few dollars less than the price on the tag of a product. Marketing is all about understanding human behavior and appealing to their more vulnerable side. Hence, when you announce a new product or service, that announcement might receive far less audience than when you announce that your products/ services are on sale.

You can use these promotions very smartly to attract potential customers towards your business. You can also provide a sign up form for the people that are coming in through your promotions and build an email list for future purposes. You can also hold simple contests and giveaways on social media platforms and use it to increase your following while bringing in more traffic to your website.

Traditional marketing like banners, TV ads and Newspaper Ads

If you truly want to grow your brand, you need to work with both traditional marketing and digital marketing because they always go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to creating a buzz for your brand, traditional marketing strategies like banners, TV ads and Newspaper Ads can help you immensely. Of course, traditional marketing is more on the costlier side however, you can reduce those costs through targeting. If you are a small business owner and care more about reaching out in a particular region, you can choose local channels and newspapers to run your ad instead of choosing a national channel or newspaper.

These are a few tips and pieces of advice that can help you improve your brand presence or create awareness for your brand in general. Over and above all, Marketing is all about strong strategies, and so, understand the pulse and audience of your business in order to turn it into a brand.

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