Can You Market Yourself By Yourself?

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Every business breeds competition. and it is to your advantage to have an edge over others with adept digital marketing techniques. Skillful marketing tactics for your products and services are paramount to your growth as a business in a market riddled with competition. An expert digital marketing agency can take care of any marketing needs that a business entity has.

One can always choose to establish an in-house digital marketing wing, but that requires lots of time and money. Any personal bias that you might have while marketing your product or organization must also be taken into consideration when it comes to an in-house department.

Why you should choose an agency

Everyone might have a very general idea of what a marketing campaign should look like, as everyone is primarily a consumer; hence, they can figure out what they want from a product. This begs the question, what is the need for an agency when you can figure it all out by yourself?

A targeted approach: A digital marketing agency takes a pin-pointed approach to marketing, which cannot be handled by a layman under casual circumstances. They have the right tools to bring in more accurate solutions for every problem that your product or service may face, making sure no stone is left unturned.

Expertise: An agency knows just what works and what doesn’t. And with this knowledge gained through their varied portfolio over several years, they bring to the table a professional perspective. They formulate a strategy, create content, handle the design elements, and more. Not everyone is well-versed in all these fields, and hence the need for a digital marketing agency increases.

Dedicated marketing tools: Let’s face it, you should not be wasting your money on expensive software licenses for software such as HubSpot, Adobe CC, etc., as your core operations may not always require these software applications. The amount you spend on these software applications will exceed your digital marketing services cost. Ergo, a more cost-effective solution is to just contractually work with a marketing agency.

Resources: In addition to these tools, agencies also provide the resources that are needed for tracking your website’s performance or the campaign’s metrics. Also, they may even provide you with sales coaching and the like to improve your sales margins.

The nitty-gritty: Through their attention to detail, they avoid any bias that you might harbor when marketing your product. Therefore, they give an impartial treatment to your product or service, making ample room for improvement in case there’s any gap to be worked out in your strategy.

How an agency helps

An ideal, efficient, and cost-effective way to minimize your efforts and maximize the gains is to depend on a digital marketing agency. The thing is, not every company requires the same marketing strategy to flourish. And a digital marketing agency can evaluate just the right kind of marketing needed and come up with the perfect strategy.

Besides, digital marketing agencies are known to be more affordable than in-house marketing models. In addition to that, content marketing is also said to produce a stable Return On Investment. An in-house digital marketing unit can cost anywhere around $170,000 to $200,000 every year, whereas digital marketing services cost just about $40,000 to $50,000.

Studies show that marketing agencies can improve client engagement metrics by 72% through content marketing. What’s more, a digital marketing agency can generate a phenomenal increase in ROI through SEO.

Services offered by digital agency

So, what does an agency bring to the table? It has varied areas of expertise when it comes to marketing in the new media field, from SEO to SEM, from content design to website design, among other things. Let us look at some services offered by digital agencies in detail:

SEO: The first step that any digital marketing agency takes is search engine optimization. They improve your website’s ranking by making the keywords more relevant. Several studies have been conducted to back the relevance of SEO, one among which has stated that the websites which show up on the top can get nearly 33% of the overall search traffic, while the second spot gets 17.6%.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing – many may not be as familiar with this as they are with SEO. SEM is more or less similar to pay-per-click advertising, where the search engine advertises your page above the actual results for more visibility. Anytime someone searches the specified keywords, the search engine shows your page on top, and identifying these keywords for your company is something the agency does.

SMM: The next one on the list is Social Media Marketing. The agency can design creative ads for your brands to put up on social media to relevant people based on the pages and elements that they have expressed interest in.

Content design: A good marketing strategy cannot function all by itself to make a website popular. For that, the website must also have impressive and interesting content to attract its userbase and make them come back for more. An agency sees to it that the content being created on the website stays fresh and constantly updated, in addition to being creative and informative.

Web Design: Did you know that simply making your website more efficient can get you 28% more footfalls, thereby improving your traffic? Well, now you do, and now you also know that an agency is best equipped with the tools and skills to make your website look better, load better, and make it a lot simpler. Make of that fact what you will.


In conclusion, there are a plethora of effective reasons to choose a digital marketing agency over self-marketing. Even though doing it yourself may help you be in control and give it a personal twist, let us face it: You are not marketing it to yourself. You are marketing to others, and your touch may not work for someone else. So, an unbiased hand will be a step-up in more ways than one. That being said, if you have money to spare, you can always go for an in-house marketing department, with all the bells and whistles.

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