Choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your business in 5 simple steps

If you are reading this blog, then you are either a new business owner who is starting up and you need some assistance with your digital portfolio. Else, you are a business owner that is finding it hard to meet your business goals and after much research, you have found that the reason could be a lack in an online presence of your business. Either way, this is the best place to start because you have realized the need of Digital marketing to empower your business. But how do you choose the right digital marketing agency that caters specifically to your needs? Here is how-

Step 1- Outline your goals and requirements

Every business is different and so are your marketing needs. Do you need to build a website or re-build it? Do you need to design your logo? Have you decided upon your brand colors? How far along is your business across social media platforms?

These are just a few questions that can get you started on identifying your digital marketing requirements. Once you have an outline of your needs, you are one step closer to finding a digital marketing agency that is right for you. If you go blindly into the process of choosing an agency, you will be bombarded by a range of companies making promises that they seldom keep. Instead you should take the time out to understand what your business needs at the moment, even discuss with your business partners so that you do not waste time and money unnecessarily.

Step 2- Decide on the type of digital marketing agency

What we mean when we say “type” of agency is to choose between a large digital marketing company and a smaller digital marketing agency. As mentioned above, your marketing needs vary depending on the type and size of business you run. If you run a large business with multiple levels and franchises, then you should probably go for a large digital marketing company. Because you would probably need a team of executives working on each one of your sub-businesses.

However, if you run a small or medium business, it is recommended that you choose a smaller digital marketing agency. This way, you will have a team of executives working alongside you to grow your business through digital marketing. This is also more cost effective and you will have direct control over the entire process. Over and above all, when you choose a digital marketing agency, the communication is easier and direct.

Step 3- Research online about some digital marketing agencies near you

The company or agency’s reputation sure plays a huge role when you choose a digital marketing agency for your business. One way to understand the reputation of an agency is through word of mouth. You can ask around with other business owners who have gone digital and are doing great in and around your city. Remember not to reach out to your competitors, they may not be happy to help!

However, a far easier and reliable way to know about the reputation of an agency is to search for it online. Today, there is no question that the internet cannot answer. You can look at the online presence of an agency and what people are saying to them as well as about them on social media platforms. The company’s website could also be a great judge of their capacity.

Step 4- Reach out to a few agencies and request for a proposal

Through the first three steps, you are sure to be able to shortlist a few digital marketing agencies that are best suited for your business. The next logical step would be for you to take some time and reach out to the agencies that you have shortlisted. You can speak to them about your needs and ask them for their proposal.

At this step, you can judge about the agencies on following terms-

  • Are they easy to reach out to? Is the contact details on their website clear and correct? If you cannot reach out to an agency easily at the very first step, then you cannot expect a smooth communication with the team during the process either.
  • Are they professional on the call/ mail? How an agency greets you and treats you on that first call can say a lot about what they are capable of. Also, note if they are patient enough to listen to your needs before they get into the particulars.
  • What kind of promises are they making? Are these promises seeming outlandish? If they are, then it may be a sign that you need to think twice about the agency. Because in digital marketing, long lasting results come from long term SEO strategies, which may be slow and takes time.

Step 5- Compare and choose an agency that fits your needs

Once you have received a few proposals, you can make a well informed decision. Make sure to choose an agency that not only fits your digital marketing needs but also fits your budget. Depending on what strategy you see fit for your business, digital marketing may be a little bit expensive. So make sure that you have set aside a budget for the digital marketing process. And then choose the agency that fits into this budget.

Waste no more time, and get started on the journey towards hitting all of your business goals more effectively and efficiently. Feel free to reach out to us to talk about your digital marketing needs and to request for a proposal. Madmaze digital is made up of highly talented and competitive individuals who are on top of all the trends and updates in the field of digital marketing. You are sure to find your perfect fit with us.

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