How to use Clubhouse and leverage it to grow your brand

Imagine being invited to a party where you can choose to be a part of conversations that interest you. That is what Clubhouse is all about. If you are wondering what is the hype about or are keen on joining Clubhouse but do not know where to start from, read on. In this article, we will discuss how to use Clubhouse, and the benefits of joining the platform.

Clubhouse is an invite-only social media platform, where you can listen to conversations on various topics, learn and be a part of them too. Much like how Podcasts work, the only difference is that podcasts are on-demand or pre-recorded conversations hosted professionally. Clubhouse is more like listening to real-time audio chats or phone calls.

Clubhouse was launched in March 2020 in the US for iPhone users. This voice-based social network app was developed by Silicon Valley veteran Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth.

Just like Dogecoins and Gamestonk, Clubhouse rose to popularity after Elon Musk appeared on the app, by joining the Good Time show. In the same month, Bill Gates too appeared on the app, and since then Clubhouse’s popularity steamrolled. Celebrities like Mark Zuckerburg, Oprah, Ashton Kuther, Malcolm Gladwell, and many more have joined the app. Clubhouse the audio social network today has over 10 Million users and is valued at $100 million. The app was launched in India last month and was also made available for Android users recently. After the launch of Clubhouse for Android users a week ago, the app has already gained over 4 million users.

How to join and use Clubhouse

Joining Clubhouse

Clubhouse since its launch has remained an invite-only platform. That is also a major reason for its popularity because it has now become an elite club that everyone wants to be a part of. To join Clubhouse user will require an invite from a friend.

If you don’t have an invite you can also download the app from Play Store or App Store and register. In such cases, the platform will put you on a waitlist and notify all the members. The members can give you an entry to the app by sending an invite.

Onboarding and setting up an account

Just like any other social media platform, upon entering Clubhouse too will ask you to set up an account by choosing a profile name, profile picture, language, interests, etc. Clubhouse gives plenty of room to set up a detailed profile, without the limitations of the character limit. So it is better to make full use of it since this space will play a critical role in gaining followers. The interests you choose will determine the kind of chat rooms you will be shown on the app.

At a later point in time, if you want to change your interests or diversify your feed, you can always adjust the interests like this –

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap on “Interests”
  • Select the categories that you are interested in and want to see

Exploring rooms and joining a room

Once you select the interests, you can see chat rooms on your home page. Much like how you see posts on your Instagram based on who you follow. You can click and join a room and start listening to a call. If you want to contribute you can raise a hand, the host also has the ability to add you to the panel of speakers.

Start a room

Users can also start their own rooms on Clubhouse by simply clicking on the ‘start a room’ tab. The tab gives options to start different types of rooms – public – open to all, social – open to your followers, and closed – open to people you choose.

Benefits of using Clubhouse

Clubhouse has plummeted to popularity within a very short duration. Exclusivity and celebrity endorsements being the major reasons behind its popularity. There are innumerable social media platforms available today, so is Clubhouse worth the hype and time? Clubhouse can be really beneficial in building brands – for marketers and personal if used well. Here are the benefits of using Clubhouse:

Reach out to a captive audience

Clubhouse is a newbie in the social media world. Users on the app are exploring the platform and hence their attention span is high, the ones not on the platform yet want to join this audio social network for FOMO.

Another reason why Clubhouse right now has a highly captive Unlike other social media platforms – Clubhouse is a voice chat-based social media app, which means users can be on the platform while doing other tasks like driving or cooking. Due to the audio format of the app, the likelihood of people leaving the platform and switching to another app is very less.


While Clubhouse has over 10 million users is still way behind Instagram. Why is this an opportunity? It is because it is the right time for brands to start with the platform and grow their audiences while competition and the clutter are less. At this point Clubhouse for marketers can mean a goldmine of niche audiences that can be targeted.

Get direct feedback

Clubhouse founders often pop into the app and ask for direct feedback from the users. Marketers can use Clubhouse to do the same and get direct feedback from customers on a new product, feature, ad, and more. It can also be a great platform to conduct user research.

Investor connect

If you are an entrepreneur Clubhouse can help you connect directly with investors through the specific VC chat rooms. As Neil Patel suggests two ways of getting VC attention through Clubhouse are –

  • Start a room about your business and get immediate feedback from investors. This will help you to improve your product and pitch.
  • Be a part of other rooms and add value, talk about what you do, who you help, and the problems your start-up is passionate about solving.

Learning hub

Clubhouse can help you learn more about the topics you are interested in. The best thing about this social network is that it can get you in touch with the experts directly. Following the right rooms and people can help you expand your perspective and learn from the who’s who of the field.

Wrapping up

In the era of moment marketing and FOMO, users and brands are jumping on the bandwagon of Clubhouse. Exclusivity of the platform is also an important aspect of why people are attracted to Clubhouse.

Will the content value and the enticement of the platform grow or decline if the platform opens up? How will the platform scale up and differentiate itself from alternatives like Twitter Audio Spaces, Discord, Riffr, and more? – that remains to be seen. The story of Clubhouse is still unfolding. But, this is the right time for brands to grow an audience on Clubhouse, and get the early adopter advantage. For individuals, it is a great platform that offers quality content and a lot of learning if you follow the right rooms and people.

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