Reasons you need a Social Media Hashtag Strategy

It’s been 13 years since the # HASHTAG came in, brewing a storm in the world of #online digital marketing; needless to say, a positive, refreshing tempest. This powerful tool has since, hugely impacted the everyday life of individuals as well as of the industry. Our cognitive resources have been seized and pulled into the moment to use hashtags, digitally shrinking the distance between us and our audience. Thanks to its inventor Christopher Reaves Messina, (Chris Messina), for being the architect of the concept of tagging social media groups or topics with the# hashtag. The world has readily embraced it.

Twitter may have been the first to use the # HASHTAG but today it has extended into other social media spaces like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, Facebook and most recently Google search.

“By 2018, more than 85% of the top 50 websites by traffic on the Internet used Hashtags”

The social media messages sans spacing are preceded by hashtags. But is the usage actually, entirely supporting or adversely affecting? Should there be a method to this madness? Let’s find out.

# Hashtag to drive traffic

We are driven to know the number of clicks on the links to our websites and blogs as also the ‘most liked or ideal’ posts, as we constantly try to analyze the number of people re-tweeting or ♥ √ on our content.

A study done by ‘Buddy Media’ shows that tweets that included # hashtags had double the engagement than those without.

Hashtags are a type of metadata tag, specifically used on social networks, by dint of which, users find it easier to search for content or keynotes. Hashtags are becoming a significant part of organizational social media campaigns to find new customers and spread visibility. Choosing the right channel and putting out relevant business information is significant for improved reach and to build a healthy relationship with current followers.

Unplanned bits of hashtags on social media posts would be a high risk, up a dark alley devoid of any result, sometimes for months.

#Digital marketing firms resolutely define success with hashtags in messages and images. A comprehensible hashtag strategy for each of the social medium will enable reach the right target audience with increased viewership. The objective is to be on top of the feed as ‘Top posts’ or ‘Popular & Trending Post’. These two categories would impact a hashtag strategy positively.

With eCommerce processes infrastructure in place, the customer buying experience is made easy with digital content and promotion. Hashtags used by #ecommerce digital marketing agency aims at growing your follower base, boost visibility as also increase sales. Precise hashtags help you find people who are already interested in what you have to offer, thereby, customer acquisition and customer retention.

Using the Hashtag symbol seems to be a great way to help your post stay on top. To stay on top it’s vital to use #HASHTAG strategies differently, for the multiple social media platforms.


The ‘Social Media Today’ statistics show that having even just one hashtag can boost engagement by around 12.5%.

Forging ahead, it will be crucial to understand that a hashtag is not just a symbol; it is, in fact, a symbol that adds tremendous value ‘if’ created to bring results like driving the right audience to your content or page. Accordingly, it would be significant to analyze the various goals and purposes for incorporating a hashtag.

#Digital marketing firms analyze and suggest the number of social media channels to be used regularly, encouraging calculated usage of hashtags. Unrestrained numbers of the symbol used are said to challenge organic reach. Striking a balance with the hashtags across the #online digital marketing platforms would provide with the right output.

Brand and campaign hashtags are specific tags that one makes for own business. They are used to market your products or to promote a certain brand. Campaign specific communication can fetch a larger viewership if followed up by a positive, captivating, actionable and inspiring HASHTAG

Trending hashtags are popular topics that create a buzz in the community. Any business related trend must be looked at as an opportunity to engage in using the tag. Being able to use trending hashtags on one’s message can develop an audience multi-fold.

Content hashtags are used in posts or images which simply relate to your post content, that could be, among others: product, lifestyle and even location hashtags, for eg., #street #cornerbuilding.


A #hashtag prefix processes through digital clutter or information overload in the era of social media, to focus solely on the information required. #Online digital marketing communication must consider the strategic use of hashtags to attract a particular consumer segment.

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