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8 Best Eco-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Corporate Events

Businesses strive for success, but overall, success has become more meaningful. Gaining profits is not just the only motive. Creating an impression of the environment & society is important. For any corporate events that are planned now, owners intensely focus on incorporating eco-practices.

These events cover essential aspects of business – from branding and networking to team building. And when sustainability is practiced over here, the company delivers a positive impact. Chennai, a bustling hub of corporate activities, has seen a growing trend among businesses to embrace sustainability. In this blog, we will explore the 8 best eco-friendly practices you can think of for your next event to contribute to a greener future.

Mindful Venue Selection

Choosing the right venue matters greatly if you want sustainable events. Being a top corporate event planner in Chennai, we often prioritize venues committed to eco-friendliness. Moreover, our top priority is choosing a space that supports waste reduction, water conservation, and sustainable landscaping. We select venues with these green features that reduce the event’s carbon footprint and inspire attendees to follow suit.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This old-fashioned theme plays a vital role in sustainable event planning. Ensure your event organizing company works closely with you to minimize waste generation. You can install marked bins at the venue for easy disposal. Also, ensure that any decorations or signage can be reused for future events, reducing unnecessary waste.

Catering Choices

Sustainable food choices impact the eco-friendly theme you are aiming for. Hence, collaborate with catering services prioritizing locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients. These choices reduce the carbon footprints associated with food transportation and support local farmers. You can also estimate portion sizes & donate the excess food to charities to minimize food wastage.


Control Energy Consumption

Energy management is yet another important factor you must give complete attention to. Work closely with the event planners and venue owners to optimize energy usage. Install energy-efficient lighting, and turn off lights and equipment when not used. Educate your attendees about energy conservation and encourage them to be mindful of their energy consumption. These efforts will not only reduce overall costs, but also you will be setting a great example of your commitment to sustainability.

Transportation Alternatives

Chennai’s traffic congestion is known to everyone. Hence, consider transportation while event planning as well. Motivate attendees to incorporate public transport or car transit. You can plan shuttle services to and from the venue. Try promoting eco-friendly transportation options, such as cycling or walking, for shorter distances.

Moving Digital

During this digital era, relying heavily on printed materials for corporate events is unnecessary. Being a popular event organizer and planner in Chennai, we often reduce paper waste by providing digital event materials to our clients. Our communication channels often include emails, messages, and mobile messaging apps. For attendees, you can send digital brochures to access on their devices. This module not only protects resources but also enhances the overall attendee experience.


Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts

If you are setting up a corporate event, giveaways and promotional items go hand in hand. You can choose eco-friendly gift options like reusable tote bags, bamboo, recycled pens, or sustainable merchandise. Avoid single-use plastic items that contribute to pollution. When selecting eco-friendly offerings, consider their environmental impact and whether it aligns with your sustainability goals.

Measure and Share the Impact

Lastly, sustainable event planning should include an assessment of your event’s environmental impact. Collaborate with event organizers who have experience in measuring sustainability metrics. Calculate your achievements, like the water saved & how much waste was controlled. Share these results with attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders to showcase your efforts to sustainability. Take feedback and suggestions from everyone for improvements they seek in future events so that you continually plan eco-friendly events.

Final Words

Being the popular corporate event organizers in Chennai, we at MadMaze know what it takes to deliver impactful events. We do everything from mindfully planning a venue that aligns with your goals to integrating sustainable practices. For us – sustainability is not a mere trend; it’s a responsibility we embrace.

Do you feel prepared to witness this transformation? Contact us now & be the vision of a greener, more eco-conscious future!


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