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Welcome to MadMaze, the event management company with extensive experience crafting parties that “WOW” your guests from the get-go. You have a party to plan? … Look no further! With us, you won’t miss a beat to excite every attendee on your next big-day.

Yes, as much as you want to enjoy your own party, you also want to be in control of it and have it go exactly the way you want. We at MadMaze understand that, which is why ‘your ideas’ are at the forefront of every decision we make. We function as your team, augmenting your decisions with our expertise & experience and adding a touch of our “Mad” creativity on top.

So, whether you’re planning for an off-the-charts wedding or just a simple event that brings people together, we have got you covered:

Weddings – Staging a Heaven for You

As a social events company, weddings are part of our forte. Putting together a party where your friends & family, as well as your colleagues & partners, grace the occasion is undeniably a one-of-a-kind effort. It requires a lot of planning to execute a creatively detailed event that makes for an exhilarating memory, so why not leave it to the experts to make your vision a reality?

Birthdays & Anniversaries – Stepping Up the Game

Anniversaries and birthdays are annual occasions that prove your resilience to the tests of time. Make your mark on the calendar and let the celebrations begin. Be it in an elegant rose garden or a fun-filled party lounge, our event management company can make your guests remember it for a lifetime. For all the right reasons, of course!

Family Reunions – Where the Old & the Young Synergise

When you have a legacy to behold, why not do it in style? With an event marketing agency by your side, you will bring a fresh new vibe to the gathering, rejuvenating it with an energy that has them hopping with excitement – ready for the next meet-up.

Office party

Giving as much importance to pleasure as to business is paramount to a committed and engaged workforce. Partner with MadMaze to accomplish this feat with flying colours. Your employees will learn how to party as hard as they work.

Team building / outing

MadMaze’s corporate event organizers make sure that you can have fun in your team-building exercises without having to worry about organizing the event all by yourself. Discover new heights in your field and stop worrying about the sheer nightmare of organizing the perfect corporate event. Location, logistics, and everything in-between can be covered within your budget. Leave it to the experts.


Some of our clients prefer to add some fun and vibrant entertainment sessions to their events. Even corporates are now leaning towards adding some fun elements to their event. It could be something as simple as creating a theme for your event like the retro, black and white, red and white, etc. where you can encourage the guests to dress up according to the theme. Some of the other entertainment ideas would be to book a live band, dancers, magicians, acrobats and so much more. Entertainment is one of the most lucrative parts of any event. At MadMaze, our team is well equipped to put together the best entertainment that is also in theme with your event. We have been called as the best event organizers in Chennai by our clients mainly because we make sure that every client can live their dream. With every event that we organize, we combine our expertise with our client’s expectations to put together the unique, vibrant and memorable event.


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