MadMaze is one of the best corporate conference planning and event organising company that specializes in MICE travel events. MICE is basically an abbreviation for the combination of four types of corporate travel events which are Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. These events are organized with a main goal in mind which is to strengthen relationships, encourage, and motivate employees, foster connections, and much more within a corporate environment. As of recent times, MICE events have accounted for the largest part of global travel for business purposes.


Meetings are a number of people with the same interests, coming together at a particular venue for some activities. It can either be a one-time event or a regular occurrence. Meetings are not just a corporate event; they can also be for academic purposes. Creating large-scale meeting event is not an easy task and can take months of planning. With MadMaze events, you can be assured that you have chosen the right event organizers to organize your meeting events.


In the simplest terms, incentives are any kind of reward given to a person, or a team of people for a job well done. Under MICE, incentives are travel based rewards provided to an employee or a group of employees. It includes a lot of factors like travel bookings, hotel bookings, activity lists, etc., and these can be put together only by experienced event management companies. MadMaze events are well experienced with planning and implementing incentive travel on both small and large scales.


Conferences are nothing but meetings on a larger scale. There are a lot more factors to consider when planning a conference than meeting events. Conferences involve getting together at a very large-scale including employees, key members of the organization, as well as guest speakers. Top event planning companies like MadMaze events are well equipped to plan and organize such large-scale conferences.


Exhibitions are opportunities for multiple organizations to come together and promote their products or services. Unlike meetings and conferences, exhibitions are pretty much straight to the point and focus on growing businesses and building long-lasting corporate relationships. Exhibitions can again be on a small or large scale, and they can be held in any location around the world.

Travel and Hotel Booking

The major factor that is involved in planning MICE events are travel and hotel bookings. Especially when it is on a large-scale, event planning gets all the more tough and complicated. Destinations for MICE-based events are located all over the world, but the most common destinations are Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket, and within India, people choose metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

Once the destination is finalized, the very next step is to book travel tickets and hotel rooms. All these factors are completely sponsored by the organizing company. That said, budgeting is also a very important factor for organizing MICE events. As an experienced event organising company in Chennai, we make it a point to have a detailed discussion with the organization to ensure that all of their expectations are fulfilled.

Apart from booking the travel and accommodation for the MICE event of your choice, MadMaze Events team is well-versed in organizing meeting and conference spaces, setting up the stage and other technical aspects, organize fun activities, and much more. Our goal is to make the event absolutely memorable for everyone involved without burning a hole in the pocket of the organization.


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