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Event Branding Guide 101: Everything You Need To Know!

Event Branding can make your event shine and be memorable. Being the best event planners in Chennai, we know the crux. Let’s explore each! Branding your business is important, but in the age of now, branding each aspect of your business is vital for hosting events. It is the key to making your event stand out from the competition. Event branding creates cohesion. It keeps the customer stuck to the events organized under a specific brand umbrella. This post covers everything you need to know about event branding, but before that, let’s explore its importance:

What is the importance of event branding?

Similar to event planning, even event branding is now the most important aspect of events. Whenever a corporation thinks of an event and successfully does it, it establishes loyalty with its audience and stakeholders. That’s why paying to every minute detail like email and social media posts matters. Consistent branding of your pre-event strategies raises awareness for your brand events.

Is event branding a marketing strategy? | Event Planning Vs. Event Branding

Definitely, yes. It’s a process that creates a unique experience for your event. Event branding can be done in multiple ways. One of the best ways is using social media, and we at MadMaze, the top event planning company in Chennai, know the crux of it. From helping you onboard the best influences to getting brand ambassadors whose personality aligns with your event goals, we do it all for you.

In short, while event planning focuses on the physical aspects of the event, like attendees and picking the right place with event branding, corporates deliver an experience. The motto here is to stick to a name, a color palette, and a theme to make the event memorable and shareable to attendees.


Benefits of Event Branding

In simpler words, event branding is about promoting, advertising, and marketing your events so that attendees remember them for life, like sunburn music events. It can be done by creating a logo, developing a website, keeping a unique name, running social media campaigns, and even designing promotional items. Some benefits of event branding include:

  • An event becomes more memorable for attendees – they remember the name and experience
  • Helps event organizers connect to attendees emotionally
  • It makes it easier for sponsors to promote their products and services
  • A consistent message can be shared with the audience about the business and the motive of every event

Here’s How We Brand Events Like A Pro!

  • Defining your unique event identity: Event identity plays an important role – it communicates what your event is all about. How can your attendees define your event to others? The identity here includes aspects like,
  • Logo of the event
  • Fonts/colors
  • Imagery used throughout
  • Choice of influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Values you will stick to
  • Persona you aim to develop

Once these event identities are defined, they serve as the foundation to brand your event and raise awareness.


Being consistent:

We, the best event planners in Chennai, swear by the importance of consistency. If not done, it’s an event killer. We set an impression on the audience when we stay consistent with the event branding process.

Establishing an online presence

Visual content matters. The more you can spread a message to the audience through visuals, the superior your brand gets. It’s a simple yet cost-effective method, which we at MadMaze do efficiently.


Running competitions and giveaways

To get more exposure, making sure that you keep your audience is vital. If you run a competition with some prizes that display the event’s logo, you will keep the audience intact and even advertise your event.

Think of user-generated content

When attendees themselves create videos, post photos, and share insights from the event, the event gets more attention. Hence, throughout the event, we arrange photo booths or attractive spots that allow attendees to generate content for you, enhancing your public brand image.


Excited? Inspired? Get Ready to Brand Your Next Event

Event branding is crucial, but the challenge is correctly communicating your brand to the audience. There must be a social media presence, and the visual identity must reflect your event’s and your organization’s principles. Remember, branding is always an ongoing process, and since MadMaze is the best corporate event organizer in Chennai, we do it like a pro. Make us your event branding partner for years, and let’s thrive together. Contact us now!


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