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How do you plan a corporate event checklist

There are only a few things in the world that are as hard as planning a corporate event. There is just too much thought and groundwork laid out from the minds of many people that go into one event. You can compare your company event planning to that of a wedding and see no differences. Both of them are tedious, require a huge amount of time and energy and the constant reminder of the need to please everyone! This is exactly where leading event management companies help corporates.

When it comes to planning, checklists are the best way to keep track of your movements. When it comes to execution, you can trust Madmaze, to provide you with a unique event management services in Chennai. Checklists help you stay focused, remind you of tasks, and to stay on track. They have also proven to help boost your confidence during the completion of tedious jobs. In this ultimate guide, we show you what needs to be on your corporate event checklist. Think of this as checklist for your checklist.


1. What’s the event?

Firstly, you need to comprehend the exact purpose of your corporate event. What is the agenda? What type of audience is going to be invited? If it is a profitable event, how much will the tickets cost? These are only the first of the hundred questions you need to ask yourself about your event. Understanding the agenda of your event will build the foundation of your execution. This is to help you set a format and theme for the event. Select a theme that would resonate with your audience. Every event, big or small, needs the best framework to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, the theme for your event will show attendees the vision of your brand.

Understanding the agenda of your event can make it easier for you to guide others helping you. While planning a corporate event, you may not be the only one involved. There might be an entire team ready to provide assistance. Therefore, it is important to convey to them the tasks at hand and provide guidance with regards to the implementation. Working as a team is challenging on its own.

The best way to do it is by allocating tasks to people based on their strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of each person matched with their task and keep monitoring the progress. Proper planning will avoid chaos and confusion.

2. How much can you spend?

Next on your checklist is going to be the budget for the event. A clear finalized budget can help you plan everything else needed for your event. This is one of the important steps in planning for your event. This sets the road for the rest of the organizing. You can use budget figures from your company’s past events as a base. This will give you an approximate figure based on the needs of your present event. the budget is finalized, chart out an entire list of expenditures for the event. Include the tiniest of details from stage production to the payment of the crew. This list can help you to stick to the budget during the execution of your event. A helpful tip while charting out your budget – Set aside an amount for miscellaneous expenses, which you can use for any unexpected expenditures.

3. Where can you hold it?

You are now well aware of the agenda of your event and you’ve got your budget down. What is the next step? Deciding the venue for your event should be the next thing on your list. Finding a venue for your event needs months of planning and looking. Corporate event organizers in Chennai can help you with this step. An important factor that you need to consider is the availability of the venue on a particular date. Once you fix the date of your corporate event, looking for a venue becomes easy. If the date hasn’t been decided, an approximate timeframe can help you plan all the other things around that date. There are other factors that you need to consider when picking a venue. Is it conveniently located for the attendees? Can it occupy all the attendees? Is the ambiance suitable for the event? Prepare a list with five shortlisted venues and write down the pros and cons for each one of them based on key factors. This can help you stay organized during location hunting for your corporate event!

4. Reminder: Send invites!

It is important to send invites to the key stakeholders, guest speakers, and guests, a couple of months prior to the event. When it comes to inviting speakers and important guests, extra attention to details would be required. If you already have a list of people who have attended your company’s prior events, you can work with that list by adding and removing names to suit your current event.

Some key points to consider while deciding your guest speaker. Is the speaker a well-known person in the industry? Does he/she need special recognition in front of the crowd? What type of recognition? Preparing an event guest list can be helpful during sending out invitations.


5. What kind of activities is going to be held?

Planning a timeline of activities for your event will solve half of your problems. In this step, chart out the exact events and the time they are going to take place on the day. This will allow very little room for any doubts or uncertainty. Also, do not forget to allocate time for activities like lunch and tea breaks. Precision is key, rest is hope. You can also hold activities outside the event. For example, social media contests with giveaways prior to the event, or a countdown campaign online that creates a buzz and anticipation for the event.

6. Advertise your brand!

When guests arrive at your event, the name of your brand needs to be known to every person at the venue. There is nothing wrong with a little marketing at your own event. This can be in the form of LED standees, LED wall backdrop creatives, brochures or even live social media posting of the event. This helps in brand recalling. Make a list of all the way you can publicize your brand in a corporate event. Event organizers in Chennai can bring you a list of solutions for branding in events.

7. How are you going to promote your event?

Social media is a great way to promote your event. For people who couldn’t attend your event, live streaming the whole event can bring brand awareness and brand curiosity. Check for online mediums where you can advertise your event. A successful event is when the planning doesn’t stop with the event but goes beyond it. Post-event follow-ups can yield to brand loyalty. You can thank them for their presence through thank you gifts, offers, or discounts relating to your business. Holding surveys are a form of measuring overall satisfaction of the event from the attendee’s perspective. This can help the company plan a better event the next time.

Madmaze, one of the best corporate event management companies in Chennai, can take care of all your event needs. Right from event production, planning, organizing to stage production, led wall rental, we have got you and your event covered!

You may find some of the points in this list a little meticulous, but it can ensure you do not miss out on anything when it comes to planning. It is important to remember that an organized checklist equals a hassle-free event! That’s the Madmaze way.


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