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Party Planner For The Next Budget Birthday Celebration

Ahh…birthday parties! Just these two words bring back so many sweet memories for most of us. This is what we want our kids to experience as well… don’t we? The memories!

So, let’s make this birthday the most memorable for your lovely little cuddles.

What are the essentials of a fun birthday party? Jumping right into the action, the first and foremost is the space, a good venue – be it your garden or a party hall – choose the one that suits your fancy and the style of party that you have in mind. Nice decors to go with it is the next in line. If you are going for a themed party (which seems the most trending nowadays), then remember to grab the matching props to go with it. Next is THE cake, the most vital of any birthday party, next only to the birthday kid him/herself.

Of course, what’s a party without the peps. The invitees – your friends, your kid’s friends, the family, your neighbours and all other favourites.

Either way, now that you have a brief of all that you will have to plan, let’s get a little in-depth with those.

Budgeting the Birthday Party

First off – fix your budget! There’s no telling all the places that you could end up overspending in. Planning your budget and planning your party around this budget is going to let you experience your party to the fullest. Believe us. But, if you would rather plan and then fix your budget accordingly,…well whichever is your preference.

So, what does an average birthday party cost? A pre-lockdown report on Times of India stated that in 2018 birthday budget in metros had reached the lakhs with parents spending 5 lakhs to even 30 lakhs for one evening.

Well, these kind of budgets and corresponding fun factors are absolutely doable, it may seem much more appropriate for the high-profiles who wouldn’t consider a party as celebrated if it wasn’t an Instagram trend. Which the report clearly continued to state as, about 150 odd parties in an entire year, while the number of normal birthday parties averaged at around 10,000 per week.


So, the choice is yours.

Pre-lockdown, your average birthday party cost ranged somewhere between Rs.20,000 and Rs.50,000. Post lockdown though, the number has seen a dip as people have started to prefer smaller venues and smaller lists of guests which usually cost the larger chunk of any birthday party’s budget list.

Event Venue selection

The Right Space to party

Talking of venues, since the ease in lockdown from October, we have seen a considerable number of birthday parties being organized and celebrated. However, compared to pre-lockdown 150+ guest party ideas, there was a drastic shift towardsthenewer& fresher indoor birthday party ideas and themes. Also, some of the popular venues now are cafes/restaurants, rooftops, gardens, and a variety of mini party spots.

However, considering Covid and social distancing you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing a venue that could amply handle your guest size, (even if small) without forcing them into crowding each other.

Of course, there have also been a considerably large number of birthday celebrations that have totally shifted to the digital space of live video streams. But then again, some of us still want to have the real deal, despite having to keep the invites close-knitted.

So, space or no-space there is a wide range of venue choices to choose from provided you follow proper hygiene procedures and are aware of the risks in larger gatherings and knowhow to avoid them.

Themed Parties

Birthday party themes are trending in India, so much so that all kinds of different party themes specific to boys and girls are propping up every day. Of course, they do increase the fun factor and the excitement levels of the kids when they attend these parties.


A themed birthday party isn’t complete without appropriately customized decor.

Setting the decor up for the event is also part of the enjoyment, a DIY activity that even your kid can take part in. This will help them get immersed more so than before, just like the old days when all of it were part of the experience and fun, not just the cake-cutting ritual.


Invites and Turn Out

Parties mean the gathering of people, be it virtual or physical. However, this is where the risk of exposure is at its highest. So, be mindful of everyone you invite; ensure your safety and their safety are at its paramount.

Despite the government allowing 100+ people to gather at a place, it is advisable that you keep your invites to the minimal. Of course, going virtual is the easiest, but a party may not feel complete without the physical presence of your close ones at the least.

Or, you could even combine the experience with a mix of both virtual and physical guests.


The Cakes & The Games

No birthday party is a party without these key ingredients. So, order your cake beforehand and avoid any last-minute mishaps. There are plenty of varieties and an assortment of tongue-smacking flavours to choose from these days. This is one part of the party list that you wouldn’t go wrong with, even when you go crazy over the choices.


Yes, games! Party games are a must… if you have nothing to offer then a simple hide and seek or a tag could do. Or you could dole out the classic board games such as ludo, the game of life, monopoly, and the clue to make your party more fun to stick around. Or even make do with games such as trivia, scrabble, chess, and other brain games (if the kids are into these sort of games). These don’t usually cost more than Rs.1,000 each.

Other ideas, such as a treasure hunt with post-it notes having clues in them for something that’s hidden can be a fun alternative. Also, if you want to dial it up a notch, you could hire clowns and magicians for your party. Most event management companies offer such services – you can’t go wrong with a good magic trick!

A Birthday Party to Remember

So, in times such are these, a little fun can go a long way. A birthday party is a big event in every child’s life. It may come every year, but the memories that’s created stay on for a lifetime.

Ultimately you can do a lot of things on your own to make this party a success. But a little assistance could go a long way too. You could work with event planners to share the load off of your back. Or work in collaboration with them to creatively manage your planning and execution.

Finally, all these efforts would be worth the trouble when we see the kids having fun!

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