Why LED displays are gaining popularity in events?

The most important aspect of an event lies in the creatives. They are used as an effective communication medium and also double up as marketing material in most events. There are multiple ways of displaying the creatives during the event, it can be a back drop, a standee, a welcome board and so on and so forth. Once we decide on the event creatives the next question would be, how do we display them?

The technology behind printing the creatives has evolved significantly from the primitive wood block method. And with the rise of Digital Printing in 1993, the amount of time taken and the quality of output has revolutionized an untapped market and there has been no turning back from there.
There are predominantly two cost effective ways which are used for displaying the creatives for an event, one is the traditional flex printing (PVC material) and the other is using LED screens/panels to display the same. Other methods such as printing on canvas and other possible materials are not outdoor friendly and not as sturdy as the flex.

Pros and Cons of Flex and LED displays:
1. Flex PVC Material

Pros Cons
Weather Proof – Outdoor & IndoorsThe creatives are static – we cannot keep changing as its fixed
Easy to mountTakes longer to decompose
Technical labour is not requiredTakes time to dry
Sturdy and doesn’t ripHigher Carbon Foot print
Long lasting
Resistance to UV degradation

2. LED Screen/Wall

Pros Cons
Weather Proof – Outdoor Panels available Panel Sizes are fixed – Although a lot of strips and curves are currently available  
A lot of different creatives can be used Technical Labour is required
Easier to manage from a console Requires external power
Installation is easy
Grander output
Carbon foot print is lesser

We at Madmaze are moving towards technical productions, which add more grandeur and give the client more options to explore for displaying their brands on the go and stay agile even in your events.

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